We Believe…

 Enduring Principles/Changing Cuisine

Fish1. First we find the ingredients, then we create the menu. Not the other way around (although it would be far simpler). And as a result, our menu changes daily. This is no gimmick; it reflects our belief that no recipe is worth preparing with less-than-perfect ingredients. Each day we talk to our favorite local farmers and purveyors to ferret out the best of what is available. Once all of 15-20 meat, fish, and produce orders have been delivered, inspected, accepted (or rejected), Chef Tony Maws creates a menu for that evening. This approach takes far more effort — we’ve been called “fanatics,” “lunatics,” “masochistic” and worse — but we and our regular customers think it’s worth it.

2. Mother Nature knows best. We don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk and almost exclusively use seasonal ingredients from local farmers, who use natural, environmentally friendly methods. LavenderWe believe that these ingredients are tastier and more nutritious. Our wine list reflects the same commitment with about 80% of our bottles from organic and biodynamic vineyards. We are 100 percent committed to supporting sustainable agriculture, no matter what legal name it goes by.

3. Our food and drinks sing off the same songsheet. Our cocktail menu shows the same creativity and seasonality that inspires our food. The recipes and infusions are all our own. Our commitment is to seasonality, small craft-oriented producers, and innovation – it starts with aperitif style cocktails before dinner, and moves through your beer or wine with dinner, to a straight spirit to follow.

Our Drinks List also has the Craigie spin. Think blood oranges in the heart of winter, blueberries in June and July, peaches in early August. Enjoy our bartenders’ descriptions of vivid memories of times and places that inspired many of the drinks. Explore the savory side of our drinks menu, as well as obscure, forgotten liquors and cordials, vermouths and bitters.
For beers, we look to small producers of the highest quality, both nationally and abroad, including a deep commitment to our neighbors, the Harpoon Brewery.

On our wine list you’ll find complex wines that have a story to tell – wines you’ll want to pair with the kind of food we serve. This reflects our belief in terroir — the idea that the soil, climate, grapevines, casks, and methods all contribute to a wine’s unique characteristics. These natural processes may not consistently generate large enough quantities to appear at your local wine and spirits shop — but they tend to be unique, complex, and memorable. Many of these come from “the next hill over” but offer far more value for money. We spend hours discovering and introducing our guests to these “off the beaten path” wines and spirits.  We have an impressive collection of awards for our efforts!

4. There is no place like home. We haven’t succeeded unless your visit feels feel like a dinner party at home with close friends. table paperOf course, dinner guests always gravitate toward the kitchen, so we designed Craigie On Main with the kitchen right smack in the middle where it can be seen from every table. Our hospitality also shines in our friendly, informed staff – each and every staff member shares your love of food and wine and is unusually well-trained to answer any questions.