Walking the Walk

Don’t just eat right with us… feel right about us.

When you dine with us, we’d like you’ll feel that you’ve had more than just a meal. We hope we’ve managed to also convey our commitment to you, our guests, our community, purveyors, and employees. Here’s why we hope you’ll feel right about us…

Feel right about our food and wine:

  • It’s almost always natural or biodynamic.
  • It’s quality without compromise – the menu changes every day so we can serve ONLY what’s best in the market.
  • It’s bought from small independents farms and growers.
  • Everything we serve can be traced back to the farmer who grew it.
  • We make everything from scratch, including ice cream, charcuterie, desserts, pickles and more.
  • We try to (and do) use “the whole animal” (or fish or vegetable!)

Feel right about our commitment to the environment:

  • We purchase everything as locally as possible to reduce food miles.
  • We recycle all menus and other paper.
  • We invite biodiesel users to use our left-over cooking oil.
  • We promote alternate transportation – telecommuting, secure parking for bikes.
  • We monitor our energy use and constantly try to reduce it with new energy-efficient equipment.
  • We use earth-friendly cleaning products.
  • We compost whenever possible.
  • We receive as many deliveries as possible via Pedi-Power bikes

Feel right about our family business:

  • It is 100% family owned and operated.
  • Every member of our immediate family has worked here full- or part-time.
  • The restaurant decor includes many items that have been handed down through generations of our family.
  • A photo of Hannah Bluestein, our culinary muse, will always be on display here.

Feel right about our staff:

  • Everyone has gone through intensive training.
  • Everyone who works here supports our values.
  • Our staff eats here too, at management’s expense.
  • Everyone reviews written customer feedback in detail.

Feel right about our community involvement:

  • We encourage requests from charitable organizations whose mission involves hunger, sustainable agriculture, and Cambridge community – we will help you in any way that we can.

Feel right at home when you eat in our dining room:

  • Our values extend to how we treat our guests as well. We’re not happy unless we’ve made you feel comfortable, relaxed, satisfied, and happy — like you are at a dinner party at home with close friends and family.