Sample Dinner Menu

Since our seasonal menu changes daily, we can’t tell you exactly what we will be serving each evening, but here’s an idea of what guests have enjoyed most recently.



Six Wianno Oysters
candied lemon mignonette

Crispy-Fried Pig’s Tails *
pickled peanuts, nuoc cham, cilantro

Spanish Octopus à la Plancha
diva cucumber, Tuscan kale, young ginger, hon-shimeji mushroom, eggplant purée

House-Made Plankton Conchiglie Pasta V
Manila clams, house-smoked striped bass, sugar kelp, squid ink bread crumbs

Salad of Winter Chicories, Heirloom Apple, and Pine Nuts V
prosciutto americano, roasted pears, pine nut-sake lees vinaigrette 



Wagyu Beef Brisket à la Viennese
beef tongue, spätzle, broccoli rabe, maitake mushrooms, green peppercorn sauce
~$5 supplement~

Butter-Poached Local Grey Sole
corona beans, cabbage, cotechino, savagnin beurre blanc

Date and Chicken Sausage-Stuffed Chicken *
charred persimmons, pistachio, roasted beets

Coquillage of Maine Diver Scallop, Razor Clams, and Manila Clams
salsify, Brussels sprouts, oyster and oyster mushroom velouté 

Vermont Pork Three Ways: Suckling Confit, Spice-Crusted Rib, and Slow-Cooked Belly *
turnip, farro verde, apple purée, hazelnuts

Roasted Mushroom-Stuffed Whole Wheat Crêpe V
Comté cheese, wild rice, roasted squash, winter vegetables, chanterelle mushrooms



Confit and Roasted Milk-Fed Pig’s Head (For Two)
Peking pancakes, spicy pumpkin sambal, boudin noir-hoisin sauce

Whole-Roasted Misty Knoll Chicken (For Two)
charred persimmons, garbanzo beans, roasted beets


V Vegetarian or vegetarian option available.

*Contains ingredients that have been prepared with peanut oil.



Trio of Artisanal Cheeses
sheep, goat, and cow milk cheese – each chosen daily

Chocolate Decadence Cake
crispy feuilletine, white chocolate ice cream, blood orange coulis

Warm Apple Fritters *
spiced anglaise, maple-bourbon ice cream, apple jam filling

Chestnut Candy Cap Mousse *
sumac cream, pine meringue, chestnut cake

Ginger Bread Pain Perdu
warm caramel pears, crème fraîche ice cream

Three House-Made Sorbets
fresh fruits


*Contains tree nuts.

 first course, entrée, dessert 67
à la Carte items: first course 18, main course 38, dessert 13