Front of the House at Craigie On Main

Does this Philosophy Sound Like Yours?

InteriorThe philosophy of Craigie on Main is summed up in the phrase: “Eat Out and Feel at Home.” We’ve worked hard to assure that when guests walk through the front door, they’ll feel like they’ve dropped in on a cheerful dinner party at home with close friends. Warm colors, comfortable furniture, pleasant aromas, and the buzz of other contented guests fill the room.

CoM staff should convey and reinforce the sense of fine food and drink delivered in a comfortable way, blending a relaxed formality and courteous sincerity. Of course, as servers and lovers of fine food and wine, you will be well educated about the menu and wine list and will learn to communicate with the chef to ensure a diner’s satisfaction.

Would You Be Happy in a Restaurant that is Determined To….

  • be fanatical about quality food – no sub-par ingredients, no unnecessary flourishes, no second best, no short cuts, no “making do.”
  • avoid formulas – Craigie on Main is definitely not a formula restaurant; nor is it a place to see and be seen. Rather, it’s where diners go if they love to eat good food and want to feel at home doing it.
  • be sincerely hospitable – At CoM, patrons will feel taken care of at all times – from their first inquiring phone call to the end of each meal. This will come from your sincere and heartfelt actions, not obsequious gestures, and from attention to every detail of the food, décor, and service.
  • reflect these values in our workplace, and to interact with fellow employees with respect, teamwork, honesty, feedback, a sense of humor, and commitment to making every guest a satisfied guest.
  • be a good neighbor – in the building, neighborhood and community.

If so, we hope you’ll apply for one of our available positions.