Current Job Openings

Cooks, Kitchen Manager, Daytime Sous Chef, Pastry Cook!

There was a time that cooks had to choose between working crazy hours at low pay and working in a place that doesn’t serve interesting food.

We have have a different view:  believe you deserve opportunities to work, have a life, AND get paid well to learn from the best how to be a good cook.

Consider this…..

-Chance to work as few as 45 hours/week
-Paid time off
-Strong competitive pay
-Employer contribution to great, affordable healthcare
-Employer contribution to supplemental vision/dental insurance
-Firm commitment to work-life balance
-Yoga classes
-Free Hubway memberships
-Working with the finest product available
-A better education than a costly culinary school

There is a growing list of highly-regarded chefs whose careers have been furthered by Chef Tony Maws.  It includes: An important new restaurant in downtown Boston, several startups in Cambridge, a successful small restaurant group in the suburbs, highly-regarded restaurants in Providence, Nantucket, and California and more))

Check out our kitchen – watch the “Come Work for Tony Maws'” video!  Plus, you’ll see other cool videos of our kitchen crew, equipment, food, and events. All the videos in our gallery should give you a sense of what you can expect when you are part of Team Craigie

Ready to take the next step? Apply to with:
1. Resume
2. What you especially remember from the “Come Work for Tony Maws” video and/or our other videos

3. Any specific questions you may have….we’ll be glad to answer them, arrange an interview and a tour .

We are an equal opportunity employer.


Craigie On Main is a family-owned restaurant that is a go-to spot for uncompromisingly local, artisanal, and seasonal cuisine as well as award-winning service. It is an intense, warm, inclusive, non-corporate place to work. Our service and ambience are comfortable and friendly — like a dinner party at home with close friends.
We are seeking a hospitality specialist that can manage an intricate seating structure during service. Could the next person be you? Select candidates will thrive in an environment of excellence that expects:
** Uncompromising and genuine hospitality
** A desire to exceed expectations, not merely perform
** A willingness and dedication to the Craigie experience

We are a highly challenging environment that seeks a flexible person to join our team. We require all of our hosts to be:
** Highly organized and efficient
** Positive and solution focused
** Charming, charismatic with our guests at every turn
** Able to work with speed, efficiency and attention to detail
** Respectful of the craft of superior customer care
** Highly energetic in a pressured and exacting environment
** Committed to the idea that and no job is too big or too small
** Able to learn from mistakes
** Comfortable responding to phone calls and requests
** Savvy with technology to provide exceptional service

You can expect:
+ A challenging environment
+ An attractive take-home (part of pooled tips in house)
+ Our commitment to your education in exacting cuisine, off the beaten path wines, and classic cocktails
+ An environment committed to excellence and quality


Other Positions at Craigie on Main

Craigie On Main takes great pride in our dynamic, energetic, talented staff. We are always on the look out for great people to work in all types of restaurant positions. If you’ve had a look around our website, and think that you might be able to flourish in this unique environment, email a cover letter and resume to or send them by fax to (617) 497-5522. It would be helpful if your letter could describe what it is about our specific restaurant that appeals to you as a potential employee.

What we look for in a candidate is team spirit, energy, enthusiasm, and a real love of food. A great resumé helps, but it is not a requirement.

You will work hard in our intense, award-winning restaurant, but your skills will take a quantum leap upward. And if you dream of running your own restaurant, this is the place to learn how to make your dream come true. Chef Tony Maws is committed to training and your advancement, which means you will have a chance to do everything and have a great learning experience.

Salary and benefits are comprehensive, competitive and flexible. Schedules are reasonable and flexible. Many employees can expect two days off in a row, paid vacation and holidays, and many other small perks.