Craigie Careers

Be Part of a Family

Craigie on Main is a family-owned restaurant that began in the basement of an apartment building on Craigie Street. Though our move to Main Street made us bigger in size and staff, we still feel part of an extended family. We are proud to have assembled a band of smart, funny, energetic, principled  people who love hard work and good food, and our goal is to create an environment that welcomes and nurtures both you and our patrons.

Though we don’t like labels, there is one that we think reflects what we aspire to be – Bistrot Moderne. The Bistrot Moderne concept has sprung up in the past decade as a new generation of classically trained chefs working in Parisian bistrots offer creative cuisine in a casual, comfortable, contemporary setting (in contrast with the traditional heavy and formal French meals). Craigie on Main is one of the very first US restaurants to embrace this concept. The result is a cuisine of simplicity, resourcefulness, and originality —in the real French Bistrot Moderne style— without the pretense associated with many bistrot “wannabes.”

Our Chef Tony Maws capitalizes on the close relationships he has forged with purveyors and farmers to assure the freshness of products available on any given day. His daily shopping instills the menu with a sense of whimsy and spontaneity. Guests have the opportunity to experience both “old favorites” as well as lesser-known ingredients, hard-to-find produce items and less obvious cuts of meat – all prepared with flair. Our wine list emphasizes less familiar but superb vintners; all of our cocktails have been designed with the Craigie mentality.