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Super Bowl Pigskin Party Packs To-Go

No matter where you stand on Deflategate, let’s cheer on the Pats Craigie-style! Feed your at-home crowd a smorgasbord they’ll never forget, no matter what the final score is.

Craigie’s Pigskin Party Packs To-Go
Feeds 4-6

1 Slow-roasted Milk-Fed Baby Pig’s Head
1 qt. black beans
1 pt. guacamole
2 different salsas – 1 qt. each
1 qt. slaw
12-pc. crispy-fried pig’s tails, nuoc cham, crispy garlic

Rack of Crispy Spice-Crusted Heritage Pork Ribs

 To place your order, give us a call at 617-497-5511.


Throwback Bistrot Mondays

Every Monday evening, we will be showcasing a select few Craigie Street Bistrot “Hall of Fame” dishes on our menu. Here’s our menu for this Monday, February 2nd:

Stew of Duxbury Oysters
velouté of Macomber turnip and Savoy cabbage


Salad of Dayboat Scallops Sashimi
friseé, blood orange, pistachio

Olive Oil-Poached Grey Sole
barley risotto, fava leaves, cardoon purée


Daube Provençal of Local Beef
red wine, carrots, creamy potato purée

Bitter Chocolate Terrine
almond ice cream


Assiette des Fromages

Throwback Bistrot Mondays: Three courses for $45.
Make your reservations here.

Valentine’s Weekend

We’re kicking the Valentine’s festivities off on Friday, February 13th with a special, five-course menu fit for lovers or friends. After 10pm, an abbreviated (read: more affordable) four-course menu will be available for the night owls. (Same menus will be available Saturday evening). If you can’t make it in for the Valentine’s festivities, we’ll still be going strong on Sunday evening, where quite a few of the festive dishes will be making an appearance. Expect dishes such as braised lamb shank for two; oyster, scallop, and smoked bacon chowder; slow-cooked lobster tail; and roasted duck breast with pomegranates and duck heart salsa verde.

Friday and Saturday, 2/13 & 2/14: five courses for $149 + optional wine pairings, $49; abbreviated four-course menu after 10pm, $95.

Make your reservations today!


chef's whim

Available on Sunday evenings after 9:00 pm. Chef de Cuisine Carl Dooley and his kitchen team cook for your table – a six-course surprise menu for $57, or an abbreviated four-course menu for $45. Through the years, Chef Tony Maws has loved to cook and serve up impromptu dishes that may not be on the regular menu, and here the kitchen is at their most inventive, spontaneous, and generous. It’s never the same meal twice and your palates and pocketbooks are the winners! The “Chef’s Whim” is available in two versions only – “The Surprise” (which may contain meat and fish) and “The Vegetarian Surprise.”


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