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Thanks for noticing our burger is still delicious. We love you, too, Improper Bostonian.

The Pig Dinner Cometh.
August 13th, Join us for our sixth annual Whole Hog Dinner. We’ll be offering six pork-centric courses focused on pleasing the most discerning porkophiles. Come one, come all. Carl and Tony are currently sourcing and aging the best pigs for the event. We’ll also be offering an abbreviated menu later in the evening–we know, it’s a weeknight.
Whole Hog Menu: $98
Little Piglet Menu: $67
Wine Pairings: $55/$38 respectively

chef's whim

Available on Sunday evenings after 9:00 pm. Chef de Cuisine Carl Dooley and his kitchen team cooks for your table – a six-course surprise menu for $57, or an abbreviated four-course menu for $45. Through the years, Chef Tony Maws has loved to cook and serve up impromptu dishes that may not be on the regular menu, and here the kitchen is at their most inventive, spontaneous, and generous. It’s never the same meal twice and your palates and pocketbooks are the winners! The “Chef’s Whim” is available in two versions only – “The Surprise” (which may contain meat and fish) and “The Vegetarian Surprise”.

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