About Us

Eat out, but feel at home at Craigie On Main.

Spread the news – Cambridge’s own “hidden gem” has moved from a side street to Main Street!

At Craigie On Main, Chef Tony Maws, Boston’s Best Chef (Boston Magazine) and one of America’s Best New Chefs (Food & Wine), combines his trademark French-inspired “refined rusticity” with an unyielding passion for the best local, seasonal, and organic ingredients. In fact, our à la carte menu and tasting menus change daily, depending on which ingredients are the very best of the best that day.

Craigie On Main is a newer, more spacious incarnation of Craigie Street Bistrot, Chef Tony Maws’ first labor-of-love a couple of miles down Mass Ave. And the quirky spirit of the tiny bistrot remains alive and well in the new space.

Whether you are joining us for a special night out, a few unmistakably “Craigie” drinks in the bar, a private party, our legendary Chef’s Whim – or a Chef’s Tasting Menu (with a ringside view of your own meal being prepared in our kitchen) – we know you will feel right at home at Craigie On Main.