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Serious Eats Reveals the How, What, and Why of the Craigie Burger

“How to Dig into a Pig Head Part 1” video demo with Chef Tony Maws on Everything you ever wanted to know about the proper technique to maximize crunch and unctousness.

“How to Dig into a a Pigs Head Part 2” video demo by Chef Tony Maws on TheFeast. Among other things he’ll explain how to find the yummiest bits and the flavor profile of the eyeball.

“Thought for Food”, Breville Interview with Chef Tony Maws Feb, 2012

To see our the latest in our series of “Do Try This at Home” Videos, visit Craigie on Main on YouTube.

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Craigie On Main’s Corned Beef

Craigie on Main’s Corned Beef Hash (for your leftovers)

Chef Tony Maws cooks on the Martha Stewart Show March, 2010.