Wine List


“You can tell they put a lot of time into building a list that would really match their foods and not what the local wholesaler is pushing that week. Very affordable wine list as well…”

“The wine list is tight and fantastic spanning many countries… a tad eclectic so you can expand your palate from the routine sauvignon blanc and pinot noir rut people have stuck themselves into. Just go there…”

We are honored that Wine Enthusiast, named us in their awards for
America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants for three consecutive years.

We also received a Goblet from Wine Spectator for our second consecutive year.

Our award-winning list is exclusively comprised of lesser-known, value-for-money, estate-bottled, old world wines.  We are not able to accommodate corkage, but are very excited to assist you in navigating our list.


View our Wine List (xlsx)