Before every restaurant in the city offered a variation on crispy Brussel sprouts…
Before octopus began popping up on menus everywhere…
Before nose-to-tail cookery spread to gastropubs on every corner…

 ....Tony Maws was there, leading the charge. His new innovations continue to emerge, and the menu serves as a testament to this boisterous, influential bistro’s staying power.”

 …Boston Magazine

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 “It all starts with ingredients. We’ve been working closely with farmers and fishermen since 2002, They are the first people I talk to each morning!

 Many of my culinary values are the same ones you’ll find in 90% of the world’s grandmothers.

That said, you’ll find me on the leading edge of most culinary techniques and ingredients.

I work to match just the right food and wine combinations (sometimes they are unexpected) 

I serve nothing that is not in season.

I look forward to hosting you soon."

Tony Maws

Join Seamus at Craigie September 13th

Whether you call his food Paleo, healthy, or just delicious (and you could easily call it any of those things), Seamus will be here next Wednesday cooking with Tony.  

Join us for this festive six course tasting menu and leave with a copy of Seamus' new book Real Food Heals.