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The first thing to know about our burger (other than it's the best) is that we only make a limited amount each evening. Second, we only serve them in the bar (COMB). Lastly and very importantly, the burgers cannot be reserved. They are first come, first serve, while supplies last. Here's what you need to do to get one:

1. Make your reservation for the BAR, at 5:30. This at least guarantees you a place to sit. If you prefer to wing it or grab a bar stool (which are never reserved), see step 2.

2. Plan to be here before we open, as we will probably have a line waiting and you will want to be in that line to better your chances. Even on a 'slow' day like Tuesday or Sunday, getting here early is never a bad idea.

3. What if we sell out before you arrive? Don't sweat it - we still have our bar and dinner menus loaded with dishes prepared with the same care and attention to detail as the burger. You will have an amazing time.

There you have it: the full deal on the best burger in Boston. We hope to see you soon. Bonne chance!