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Photo of Carl York

Carl York

Director of Operations

Carl, our Director of Operations, started with Craigie on Main in the fall of 2011 as General Manger.  He's from Maine and has blind pride for his state.  He like bicycles, vintage stereo equipment and balance boards made in the 60's [ironically he has no tattoos].  He does have a record player.  He's taken a lot of classes studying wine.  He likes Riesling.  He makes us like Riesling. He also really likes old wine.  His favorite dish at Craigie on Main is the Octopus, the dish he had the day he applied for his job.  He also remembers the terrine he ate at the Craigie Street Bistrot in 2006 very fondly. He lives in Medford, Massachusetts with his wife, Vera and son, Vanya.